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THAILAND Volunteer Activities

Children’s Day 11 Jan 2020

UNWPA Japan Support Team for Helping the Karen Border Children,

Thai Coordination Team:

1. Dr Krizz Chantjiraporn,
Ambassador and President UNWPA Thailand Chapter,
Director of SCM-ITC (Private Social Enterprise) for CPIM, CSCP, CLTD Training. – Volunteer Social Worker

2. Pastor Pada Tarasapanan,
Ministerial Secretary of Thailand Adventist Mission

3. Pastor Kalu Hser Paul
Nong Bua Daeng School Director & ASAP Coordinator

4. Mr. Manut Leetirakul
SDA Bangkok Chinese Church Elder

5. Mr. Komkrit Noonchai
Christian Maelaklo School Director

6. Mr. Nelson Poe,
Nong Bua Daeng School Manager.

“Ask not what humanity can do for you, ask what you can do for humanity”

Thank you very much for your help and your kindness.

Below are photos to the Japanese to have the honor to help give away children gifts and polo shirts that Ambassador Krizz provided to the children.

The children have prepare special welcoming honor to the UNWPA Japanese visitors ….

1. Japanese Visitors
2. UNWPA Thailand Team

1. BBD Karen Learning Center (combined with other centers)
2. Karen Christian School
3. View of the Refugee Camp – our church group manage 4 schools in the very big camp.

UNWPA by me
1. gifts for children
2. 200 new Polo shirts
3. Gifts for teachers and mentors
4. King Rams X calendar
to all visitors
5. Sponsored full lunch meals, Karen style for children and teachers.

Anyway, the pencils and stationary are distributed in another school.

The children are very very happy.