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UNWPA Founder/ President

Fusao Kitagawa

We are starting with what we can do in times of confusion. Through volunteer activities, we will work to protect the needs of people around the world and the rights of women and children.
Our activity funds are collected from officers (members). We appreciate your understanding of our activities and the support of as many people as possible.

Representative of Finance and Accounting

Ayaka Hoshina

Realities that are not broadcast on television are happening around the world. Through UNWPA’s activities, we are telling you the reality and working hard to help you become the first step in eliminating inequality society. We hope that you will understand our activities and support as many people as possible.

Representative of Women, Children and Gender Equality

Asuka Hirai

The power of music beyond borders. As a music ambassador, I am committed to helping people who need assistance through music, both domestically and internationally. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

Representative of General Planning Management

Leah Marie Kitagawa

As bridges between the Philippines and Japan, we would like to help each other help each other to make a better world. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

Representative of Diplomatic Relations and Chairman

Kenichiro Oku

As an ambassador to UNWPA, we will work hard for those who need help, both at home and abroad.We would be grateful if our activities were widely recognized and we would appreciate your support.

Representative of General affairs and Welfare

Makoto Funakura


Representative of International Culture and Arts

Kunihiro Hagiwara

Our mission is to work internationally to save lives, solve poverty and human rights issues. “Culture / art” is a very important thing that is directly linked to the history of the country or ethnic group, and is always the basis of all people. I believe that we must respect each other and have harmony because it is the basis of that. This field of “culture and art” is indispensable for understanding each other, so international activities so that we can convey the importance of “culture and art” with sincerity for world peace. We will continue to push forward.



Representative of International and Alternative Medicine

Masahiro Takashima

Representative of International Security

Katsuhiro Nishino

All humankind is equal. “Sunlight / Moonlight” is a light that all people can enjoy equally regardless of where they go in the world. However, the “light of security and safety” is still enjoyed only by the people of a very limited number of countries in the world. There are many issues to be solved that are far from human rights, such as sad mayhem and war, the gap between rich and poor, human trafficking, abuse of vulnerable women and children, and resolution of vulnerable people by violence. The current state of the world. The lowest right of a person, “light of security and safety,” is given to as many people as possible as soon as possible, and “eat a full meal” and “sleep with peace of mind.” I strongly hope that it will be a reality. I would like to make an enterprising achievement by myself, who experienced the police life, so that the security of Japan will be a sample and the security of the whole world will be improved as much as possible, and the world will be a world where all people can talk about their dreams and advance to their dreams
increase. Always keep SAFE & SECURE in mind.


Representative of Operation management

Yasumune Nakako