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Chapter 1: General Rules

Article 1: Is called a non profit Organization – United Nation World Peace Association

2: Performs Activities using UNWPA as an abbreviation name.


Article 2: Has its main Office in Sapporo Hokkaido.

Chapter 2: Purpose and Business

Article 3: Is involved in charity, events and volunteer project for international human rights issues, poverty, natural environment, health care, education, welfare and contributes to human rights, poverty, environment, health care, education and welfare.

( Types of Specified Non-Profit Activities)

Article 4: Performs the following types of specified  non-profit activities to achieve its purpose.

(1) Activities to promote advocacy and Peace.

(2) Activities to promote health, medical care and welfare.

(3) Activities to promote social education.

(4) Activities to promote science, culture, art and sports.

(5) Activities to conserve the environment.

(6) Disaster Relief Activities.

(7) International Cooperation Activities/ International Activities.

(8) Activities to promote the formation of Gender Equality society.

(9) Activities to revitalize Economic Activities.


( Business)

Article 5: Performs the following business to Achieve its purpose.

(1) Business pertaining to specified non-profit activities.

(1) Counseling for the protection of Human Rights.

(2) Promotion of health, medical care and welfare, volunteer such as disaster relief and health promotion business.

(3) Education and Seminars to promote social education.

(4) Businesses that contribute to the protection and development of history and heritage.

(5) Cleaning and Tree Planting for Environmental Protection.

(6) Volunteer Project in international or Volunteer project in international cooperation.

(7) Business matching for activation of economic activity.


Chapter 3 Membership

Article 6 The members shall be the following 3 types and members shall be under the Act on Promotion of Specified Non Profit Activities (hereinafter referred as the (“Law”)

(1) Regular Individual and groups who have joined in favor of the purpose of the Organization/Corporation.

(2) Supporting members Individual and groups who joined to support the Activities/Business of this Organization/Corporation.

(3) Individual Active members who support the purpose of this organization/corporation and performs activities in short term.


Article 7 There is no specific condition for joining as a member.