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UNWPA Founder/President

Fusao Kitagawa

We are starting with what we can do in times of confusion. Through volunteer activities, we will work to protect the needs of people around the world and the rights of women and children.
Our activity funds are collected from officers (members). We appreciate your understanding of our activities and the support of as many people as possible.

Executive President

Tadaaki Inoue

Children and women in need are still suffering around the world. We, our ambassadors, will work together to eradicate world peace and inequality. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

CO-Executive President

Hiromi Abe

Through UNWPA’s activities, I hope that I can work on the activities here, albeit slightly, so that not only Japan but also the world can be wrapped up in peace.

Chief Operationg Officer

Yuji Inujima

The Constitution of Japan stipulated in Japan where we live is said to be the most advanced code in the world, and the provisions of “Chapter 3 Basic Human Rights” are said to be the highest in the world. It is highly valued for inheriting the Weimar Constitution, and I would like to address human rights issues and other issues through various activities so that this standard can be extended to the rest of the world.


Kazuaki Tanaka

As a member of the organization called UNWPA, I feel that it is important to meet people who really need support and to carry out support activities while providing social support.
We are working toward a society that can support each other in the true sense.

Special representative of Welfare and education

Asuka Hirai

The power of music beyond borders. As a music ambassador, I am committed to helping people who need assistance through music, both domestically and internationally. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

Special representative of Economic Affairs

Yoshinobu Uwshima

Special representative of General Planning

Layermarry Kitagawa

As bridges between the Philippines and Japan, we would like to help each other help each other to make a better world. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

Special representative of Finance & Accounting

Ayaka Hoshina

Realities that are not broadcast on television are happening around the world. Through UNWPA’s activities, we are telling you the reality and working hard to help you become the first step in eliminating inequality society. We hope that you will understand our activities and support as many people as possible.

Special representative of foreign affairs

Hisayuki Nagatome

Compliance Director 

Makoto Funakura

Special representative of poverty and medical

Toshiyuki Kobayashi

Special representative of environment and disaster

Junichi Ito

Special representative for officer appointment

Yukihiro Mitsuoka

Special representative for general affairs and welfare

Kazuhiko Yamaguchi

Special Representative For Official Appointment

Kenichiro Oku