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At the Government Office at Furubira City

UNWPA Donated Anti Virus Purification At the Government Office with the Mayor of Furubira. Presented by Unwpa President Fusao Kitagawa , Unwpa Special representative of foreign affairs Ambassador Nagatome, Unwpa Secretary 会沢一仁 and Actress, singer-songwriter,artist Ms. Yoko Matsuda President of Junca Life Management. #unwpa


Unwpa Board Members

On September 1, 2020, the Japan Ambassador’s/Board of Members Meeting was held at the UNWPA Rest House Center in Yoichi, Japan.  


( Unwpa Malaysia Dato Marieta Reformado)

Unwpa Malaysia Reprentative, Executive Committee of United Nations Association Malaysia (UNAM)  Dato  Marieta Arguido Reformado received an Appreciation toke from Gabongan Dato Malaysia/Association of Economy Dato` Dato in Malaysia given  on February 29,2020 at Lacrista Hotel Melaka.


Service Award (Unwpa Kenya H.E Omar Mukhtar)

On behalf of UNWPA we would like to Congratulate UNWPA ambassador Omar Mukhtar for Kenya received his long standing service certificate from the International Police Association. Congratulations


Sagaing University Peace Event. Dr. Sobhita (Unwpa Myanmar)

Sagaing University-Peace Event -2020 for Interdependent , Mutual Prosperity, and Universal Values brings together prominent experts from all University’s Students and Teachers to share the vision of peace process as one great family and community and to find practicable methods to realize Nationwide peace process for Myanmar. Peace Event (2020) Host & Sponsored By #IBEC


H.E Piya Ratna(UNWPA Nepal)

H.E Piya Ratna at World Summit in Korea and Global Youth Summit Melbourne Australia successfully concluded the event which was held from 18-22 January 2020. The Theme was Action to The Earth by Youth Action For Youth  organized by the United Nations Association of Australia  and few NGOs and Government of Australia. More than 100participants from 12   countries attended  the Summit Australian counter parts are agreed to hold the next summit in September 2020 and 2021 as AYC...


UNWPA Special Envoy

From 13:00 on July 6, 2019, UNWPA special envoys from India, Africa, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Badbaros, USA, Venezuela and Mongolia gathered at the UNWPA Rest House Center meeting room to exchange opinions on human rights, education, poverty issues, etc. I did. Most ambassadors unanimously decided to support UNWPA activities even after returning to their homeland. I look forward to future success.

Special Representative Volunteer