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Youth Sdg’s Awareness and Leadership Program

Karen Youth SDGs Awareness and Leadership Program Held between 18-21 Nov 2020 at the Asia-Pacific International University. Attendees: 80 Sponsor: Ambassador Dr Krizz Chantjiraporn, President – UNWPA Thailand, Humanitarian & SDGs Advocacy Objective: 1. Awareness of SDGs 2. Climate Change by Human Activity 3. Garbage and Plastic Waste – how it affects the eco-system and the Food  Chain 4. Group brainstorming on activities that they can implement in their village 5. The Call to...


Karen Youth SDG Awareness and Leadership Training

An Introduction on the “Basic Understanding of Sustainable Development Goals” by Dr Krizz, UNWPA Thailand, BACC member. Program Topics: 1. Introduction to United Nations 2. UN millennium development goals to UNSDGS 3. Why we need to know about SDGs? 4. What is SDGs and how it affects our world? 5. Topics on Climate Change 6. What is leadership? The elements of good leadership 7. Good ethics 8. Group workshop on SDGs Action 9. Group...


Youth sdg’s Leadership Training

Karen Youth SDG Leadership Training November 18-21, 2020. Venue: Asia-Pacific International University Young Leaders “Sustainable Development Goals Leadership Training”  


Japan Regional Council and the ASEAN Regional Council held a conference.

Yesterday October 30,2020 on SNS, President Moon, the chairman of the National Unification Advisory Council for Democratic Peace, and other stakeholders from various fields and the Japan Regional Council and the ASEAN Regional Council held a conference. Photo on the upper side is our UNWPA Head Representative for Korea Ambassador Lee (HOSHIKAWA WATARU) #UNWPA #UNWPAKOREA